ServerPilot uses Nginx as the public facing web server and proxies the requests to Apache. So, we have to add our SSL configuration to Nginx. Steps: Login to the server using SSH Create a directory to hold the certificate and key files. cd /home mkdir -p certs/domain_name Copy the certificate (.crt) and private (.key) files

Het spamfilter voor een postvak inschakelen: Ga naar Mail > e-mailadres > tabblad Spamfilter. Selecteer het selectievakje Het detecteren van spam inschakelen voor dit e-mailadres. Geef aan wat er moet gebeuren met berichten die als spam worden herkend. Als u mail wilt filteren met het spamfilter op uw eigen computer, selecteer dan de optie Spam markeren door de volgende tekst aan het

The PHP setting max_execution_time is the number of seconds PHP will allow a script to run before PHP terminates the script. The best way to change the PHP max_execution_time setting for an app is to create a .user.ini file in the app’s public directory. This file should contain the following: max_execution_time = 120 where 120 is changed to the value you need to set for

Deleting a Server from ServerAvatar Deleting a server from ServerAvatar will only remove the server and apps from the ServerAvatar control panel. Deleting the server from ServerAvatar won’t remove anything on your server. Once you delete a server from ServerAvatar, you won’t be able to reconnect it. From that point on, you’ll have to manage

You can change the amount of memory PHP allots to each request by using a.user.ini file. 
Using .user.ini does not change the WordPress memory limit. C First, create a file named .user.ini in your app’s web root directory. apps/APPNAME/public/.user.ini Change the Memory Limit Then, enter the following line with the new value for your app’s memory limit (512 megabytes, for example):

ServerAvatar is an automated service for managing your WordPress sites and other PHP apps hosted with cloud servers on ServerMeister and other hostingproviders. This series will discuss how ServerAvatar manages your server’s web stack along with how to add and remove servers to your ServerAvatar account. Server Requirements What kind of server can be connected

PrestaShop’s open-source ecommerce platform allows you to create powerful web stores through an easy-to-use interface. You can install PrestaShop on your server with DigitalOcean, Rackspace, or Linode using SFTP after you have connected your server to ServerPilot. Creating an App in ServerPilot First, click + Create App in ServerPilot; this can be done immediately after connecting a server or by

ServerAvatar configures a LAMPstack on your server. LAMP stands for Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. ServerAvatar configures Apache as the public-facing web server because it is the mainly used webserver.

WordPress Multisite uses one WordPress installation and one database across a network of WordPress sites. Using WordPress Multisite adds a large amount of complexity and incompatibilities with plugins. Read this article to determine if Multisite is right for you. Unless you’re a WordPress expert and you’re certain you need Multisite, don’t use it! Installing Multisite To set

ServerAvatar is a cloud service for hosting WordPress and other PHP websites on servers at ServerMeister, Linode, Rackspace, or anywhere else. You can think of ServerAvatar as a modern, centralized hosting control panel. ServerAvatar does not provide servers, ServerMeister does. Instead, we make it easy to host PHP sites on your own servers. Those servers